Majella Mark

Social Entrepreneur/Researcher/Creative/Equalist 

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Majella Mark is a native Connecticut resident born to immigrant parents who came to the United States as artists from the Caribbean island, Grenada. She graduated from UCONN with a degree in Media and Society Studies focusing her independent major on the influence media has on cultures and vice versa.  She also earned an MBA degree in International Business studying abroad in London at the European Business School of London. 


Currently, she is a analytics professional in New York City, who creates performance analysis and strategic planning for major television networks such as Spike TV, NBC, Freeform and ABC for the tech company TiVo. As a data story creator and progressive tech enthusiast with years of experience in advertising and marketing, she has worked for major corporations such as Turner Broadcasting, ESPN and The Weather Channel. 

She is also a social entrepreneur, founding the beauty eCommerce for natural products, Beau Exchange with her two partners in addition to running a blog about spirituality, self-care and her journey in the Baha'i faith called Baha'i Millennials. You will also find her hosting one of her engaging one off events or series listed below.

  • Perception Theatre Series

  • Creative Women With Women [View the admiration booklet HERE]

  • The Pussy Plate Painting Party Series [Watch a video recap HERE]

  • The Wakanda Workshop [View the workshop package document HERE]

  • Met God, She's Black [Check out the Podcast and Creative Initiative HERE]



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