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Here you go! A mash-up of human history, feminism, jokes, reality checks, and cats!

In the amusing adult picture book “Cats Are Trash Human Beings: What I Learned about Feminism through My Cats,” readers are invited on a journey through history, herstory, and theystory, accompanied by charming and sometimes ridiculous cat illustrations that cleverly narrate the evolution of feminism worldwide.

Through the eyes of the fierce feline characters, the book traces the timeline of feminism’s milestones through the personal experiences of brave people across time and the planet. Each chapter focuses on a particular topic, offering readers an engaging and accessible way to learn about significant social movements. 

As you turn the pages, you’ll meet phenomenal and resilient heroines who played pivotal roles in shaping the world for women today. From ancient goddesses who symbolized female power to the suffragettes who fought for women's rights to vote, the book depicts the struggles and triumphs that have paved the way for gender equality.

This book doesn’t shy away from addressing complex issues, as the feline characters showcase the obstacles and challenges faced, like violence, cultural biases, and personal heartbreak. Each illustration reinforces empowerment and solidarity for all genders, encouraging readers to stand up for what's right and just. 

Expect an emergence of feminism’s intersectionality, highlighting the experience of women throughout time from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and identities, portraying essential moments in the fight for workplace equality, financial freedom, reproductive rights, and LGBTQIA+ protection, showing how the feminist movement had grown to focus on a wide range of issues that matter to a broad group of human beings.

The colorful book’s hopeful message is complemented by thought-provoking questions, inviting the readers to reflect on the past in the present to make a better future for all. 

“Cats Are Trash Human Beings” is an educational yet silly adult picture book that sparks meaningful conversations about gender equality, encourages empathy, understanding, and curiosity, inspiring readers to become agents of change on the only planet we have… well, until we move to Mars.

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The Purrsuit of Equality Through Women Herstory

"The Purrsuit of Equality Through Women Herstory" is an engaging and educational coloring book introducing children to essential figures and milestones in feminist herstory.


This beautifully illustrated book highlights the stories of trailblazing women who have significantly contributed to gender equality. Each page briefly describes these inspiring women and their achievements, encouraging young readers to learn while they color.


Perfect for parents and educators, this coloring book is a fun way to spark conversations about equality and the importance of women's contributions throughout herstory.

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