Project | 01
Project | 01 Met God, She's Black The Podcast


Met God She’s Black, the podcast is a collection of recorded testimonies full of triumphs, life lessons and motivation encouraging POC empowerment, enlightenment and reflection. The participants of the podcast are multifaceted women of all ethnicities, religions and political backgrounds. They are continuously voicing the gratitude for their past while celebrating the value of building their future.

Project | 02
Project | 02 Pvssy Plate Painting Party

Inspired by Judy Chicago’s 1979 feminist piece called ‘The Dinner Party’, this event is a celebration of womanhood, self reflection and expression of humanism. We will create a modern interpretation of the ‘The Dinner Party’ while enjoying the company of an eclectic group of human beings from all walks of life. Each guest will paint their own plate, signifying their perspective and ideology of what feminine energy means today.

Project | 03
Project | 03 The Master Piece Exercise

This is a writing exercise that encourages participants to think of themselves as a work of art. The question asked is what would the gallery caption say if the universe (or God) was the artist and you were the masterpiece hanging in the museum of humanity. This workshop entails the group to look around an art gallery or art museum to get a grasp of how art pieces are described and then have the group take a moment to write. Then there is an opportunity for everyone to share what they wrote. Many participants describe the perspective of their physical self, their spiritual gradual maturity or just their life story.

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